Friday, December 30, 2011

As 2012 approaches

I have been reading many "yearly" lists over the past few days. Seems everyone hopes to get some older projects out of the way early on in 2012.
Which is what I would like as well. Now if all of the fun new projects would not hit the web till June I think I would be in good shape!!!

I have many tops needing quilted- so this will be MY first thing to get out of the way. if my memory is correct I have 22 tops to do.. So if I could do one a day I would have them all quilted in January. Then maybe could get the binding on in Feb. All of the quitls are for the Vets Center. So this is a real priority for me!!

For today I will continue to go through stuff to cull out.
That is a huge undertaking in my world.!!

Happy New Year to all and may all you start in the New Year not end up as a UFO for 2013!!

Till next time...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Well another year is about gone. And  I wonder what I did for the year.. Humm I will have to go back and check some photos.

I hope to be more productive in 2012. Sometimes life just gets in the way.. As it does for everyone at some
point. I have several tops to quilt and bind for the Vets Center. So I must get these done.

I will do inventory for the Quilt Shop I fill in at. Seems she wants to do this BEFORE she has her sale.
Weird to me but I don't own the business. I workd there tomorrow as well. I might just get to sew on something for me!! I just know I will not be busy. Too many sales going on..

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and will have Happy New Year too..

Till next time.....