Saturday, May 21, 2011

I won !!!

I won blog give-aways -not one but two.
The first one was from  here  5 days ago. love my winnings . Wilma has a photo posted of the items.
And for those of you who did not read her post about her self portrait  you need to read it. Amazing for sure.

And this morning I read here my name was drawn for a gift.. Sharon has had a May for Me Celebration all month. And her give aways are always fun.

I know this is short but time is moving along and I have much to do today..
Hope you day is filled with love, happiness and some fun..

Till next time.........


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's called Life around here!!

So many days have passed since my last entry. Who knows where the time goes..
I have learned not to compare what I do with anyone else !! Those who did will always feel inadequate
every time. (Ask me how I know)

I have been making some progress with the Vets quilts. But still have a long way to go. And if I keep plugging along they will be done. Some many not realize what my project for the Vetrans really is,
these are not for the QOV group. These are for a one of a kind Restoration Center for Vetrans who have been homeless. And this place is giving them a hand UP not a hand OUT.! The program is wonderful and so needed for the forgotten heros in this counrty.

I read some place where the QOV has a mission of gifting a quilt to all Vets.. Not sure if this is true or not.  All I can is I know in my part of the counrty it is not true. Seems this has become much like the Linus project. Linus started by making quilts for kids in the hospital, I believe in Orgeon.  And are still being made today all over the counrty. Yet ,when my local friends visit the peds ward, they do not see quilts for the kids any place.. Weird to me. Yet there is a collection site in my area for these quilts. So where are they going?  Just asking.  I for one would rather hand deliver mine to the place so I know they are getting there. One of my sisters donates to a local program here and she knows they are not shipped some place else. This may trivail to some, but not to me. It matters to me where my work goes. And hand delivery is the best way to do this.. What is your opinon on this?

Have a wonderful day!
Till next time.......................