Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moving forward

Seems the days get past me all to quickly. Maybe it is because I move to slowly now.
Do you think?
None the less I have things planned for today.

1. Sort and press fabric squares and strip to get ready for some power sewing.

2. Make binding for 2 quilts that have been done for about a year. I think it is time to get these out of the way.

3. Organize some of my suplies for quilting,

Once I get these done it will be okay for me to do something new..

Till next time.....

Saturday, January 16, 2010

On to a New Day

Today will be a good day!! I will be playing with fabrics a little bit and doing some purging around here.

Goals for my day:

1.Read Bible study notes from Wednesday night service

2.Get fabrics chosen and cut for Doll Quit Swap

3. Clean out another closet.

4. Pick up fabrics. This will be later today..

Till next time....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A new take on goals

In my reading of many blogs the theme seems to be my goals for the year!! And when they don't meet them all they beat themeselves up.
So with that in mind, I plan on doing my goal for the day list. This seems to be
a more doable way for me. If I have at least 3 things to make progress on daily I will attain my expected end results in a more relaxed fashion.
The things I do are supposed to be fun and relaxing. So why do I think I have to do
as everyone else and put mounds of stress on me? I don't!! Life is not a race it is an adventure, in some respects. With that being said.
Here are my goals for the day:

1. Select my pattern for a doll bed quilt swap. ( My thinking how can I choose fabric if I don't have a patten in mind)

2. Finish 6 more QAYG blocks to send to Jay in Nebraska for his nursing home project.

3. Clean out my bedroon closet.

Now this is a very doable list for me.

Till next time...........