Sunday, September 11, 2011

Time passes so quickly!!

I can't  believe it has been almost two months since I posted anything!! And I don't really have any excuses except nothing happening in my world worth telling about..

Now that the long hot summer is coming to a close.. Yippee, I can get back to my frame quilting. I have way too many quilts tops to be quilted and bound. Then taken to the Vets Restoration Center for use. This is the on going project I wrote about sometime last year. If all goes well they will be quilted in a meander. it is not what I want to do but time is of the essence and they will be needed before the snow flies.

I visit many blogs and read what others are doing and finishing etc. Seems most quilters are going back to the simpler things again. Lot so squares and strips. and simply done.  I think all the money talk across the country has much to do with it. Women get stressed and they want to make something to get their mind off everything negative. A good thing for sure.  Life goes on !!

Till next time............