Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where to begin! Where have I been?

WOW! where have I been for almost a month? The days have a way of slipping by fast.

Some people don't like reading some of what I say, but this is my blog so I guess I can do it my way..LOL
This time of year is hard on emotionally. I seem to go into a black area of life for a couple of weeks. I know what the cause is, I just can't make it go away.  i do all I can not to go there but it ctreeps in on me.  And I will say this up front, if you have never been there you can not understand it!! I am person who calls things as they are. Not happy, happy all the time!! Life hurts sometimes and I admit to that.  So now I will get on with my life..

I have so many tops to be quilted for Charity. They are stacking up. I do hope to get to started on them this week. Have things just about ready. Most of them are for the Vetrans Restoration Center in Asheville, NC.
Since my husband is a Vetran he thinks this a good place for me to do my donations. I have been told there are 225 beds, if not a few more. The quilts will remain at the center to make the place more homey. Which is a good thing,  I alos have several tops for kids to finish up, and they will more than likely go to the guardain ad litem program in my county. Kids need quilts.. 

Have you ever bought something from a person on line, paid for it not received the item? If so how did you handle it? I am in that position at the present. I paid for it through pay pal on Feb.19. and have yet to receive
the item. I don't want to get ugly about it, but she got my $$ and I got nothing. Not a fair deal.. So I guess  I will have to contact pay pal and go from there. Email contact with the person is like pulling hens teeth. Non existant !!  

And have you ever won something from a blog, but never received what you won?  I have!!  Been waiting on it since last September.. Guess I best give up on that. LOL  And some of the blog give a ways want you to do this and then go here and do that and then do somethung else. Who has time for all that? Not me.
They loose me real quick as a reader when that happens. My theory is "KEEP IT SIMPLE".  They will have 1000's following them.  Either they want to give it away or they don't. Also, do they people who wint this stuff have to claim the value of it on their taxes?  Humm, could be interesting?

And now on a quilty note, I did get two lottery blocks done yesterday.  and here they are.  LOOK UP It is for a small on line group I belong too.. But we are open to new members. So if you might like to be apart of it, let me know I will send you and invite. At present there are 16 of us, and 6 of us have been there from the beginning, 12 years ago.

Hope you have a great day..

Till next time~~~~~~