Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Been Awhile

Nope I didn't forget I have a blog!! Just seems like it.

What have I been doing?? Well many things and whole bunch of nothing..
Helped my sister get a top quilted. We had fun. Was it perfect? Not by any
stretch of your thoughts. But you anyone will have to look real close to find the boo-boo's. Now on to others.

Yesterday was a sad and happy day for me. Would have been my oldest son's 44 birthday. And we have a new addition to the family as well. My sister, Wilma,became a Great Grandma yesterday morning.. She was so excited, she forgot the word GREAT.. I had to remind her. She will be a good Great granny for sure.

Nothing more quilty at the moment so

Till next time-----

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Your rainbow is strongly shaded red and green.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Moving Forward

Seems March has come in like a lion where I live. Rather cold and snowy today. My sister Wilma is supposed to come over today to use my KenQuilter set up. Not sure if this will happen or not. The building has no regular heat. So will take awhile to get it warm enough to stay out there.

I finally have the Christmas quilts top together. It looks rather busy up close but fun from afar. I have the backing ready to sew for this. and then maybe I can get it done by April 1st.  There are a couple a head of this one for quilting. That's my life.!!
Hope you have a great day..
Till next time............