Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life at my place.

Has been a few days since I have added anything to this blog. In fact I have thought about just deleting  the whole thing and not blogging at all.  However  I am not required to blog a certain number of times weekly so for now I will keep it.

I trust you had a wonderful time through out the festive season. I for one am happy it is all over for now.

I have been doing some small sewing projects. Have great asperations of giving each Mother of my church
a Mug Rug and a new cup. Will all depend on how life goes.. So far I have 10 done- so I am making a dent.

The quilt tops are piling up for quilting. I know for a fact there are 22 for my Veterans project. And several smaller ones for the local children in need. Once the weather warms up I will get many of them completed and off to there new homes. Could not get my "Sewing Shed" doors open, due to ice and snow!  I may pin
baste the smaller ones and just do straight line quilting on them.  Not sure just yet.

Have you ever done inventory of a quilt shop? Not by computer, but the old way of hand counting?  It is something I have done for many years at the shop I work at part time.( Or I should say, when the owner wants to go out of town).  Anyway, inventory was done on December 30th. And was done in one day!
Every bolt of  fabric was fold counted, every button, thread, needle packs, and on and on..  There was 5 working thins year. And I am happy to say we started at 9AM- stopped for lunch for about 35 minutes- and  was totally done at 5:30 PM. The owner was very happy to say the least..   One of my sisters helped this year. From what she said, it was a good time for her. And didn't mind counting fabrics.

Hope you have a wonderful day and get to do what you want in the sewing/ quilting dept..

Till  next time.