Monday, November 22, 2010

another year older

Well today I is my birthday. Not that it means much. Some people get all excited because it's  the day they were born. And plan a party for themself.  I have never thought my day was anything special. It is just a day out of the year.  I will spend the day getting things in order for the big Turkey Day and making sure all will be done for that. We,hubby and me, have always had a open door policy on Thanksgiving. We feed who ever shows up at the door. Many are not as blessed as we have been and I do want to share with those who are less fortunate.
I read many blogs in a week and seems so many are getting their homes decorated for the Season. I love to see the decorations for Christmas and how festive some seem to make it. Maybe I will get on that bad wagon this season. Not sure just yet.

Nothing Quilty today, sorry. It's called real life~` Ha- ha..
Any way have a great week and may you be of help to someone less fortunate than you this holiday season.

till next time.....

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just Sharing

Well it has been a few days since I last posted..

I just wanted to share a photo of my 2 grandsons. They would not sit any closer together. Said they didn't want people to think they liked each other. HA-HA This is a family joke..
Anyway, Justin is on the right and Zack on the left. They are 8 months apart in age, with Justin being the oldest. He is 21 and Zack will be 21 in 22 more days. They both think they are all grown up.. HA! How little they know.  They both are good kids in their own way.
Life is harder for this generation than when I was that
age. But they will be fine..

Till next time...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just Wondering

How do you manage to get things done? IE: sewing projects, quilting on a top etc? Seems these days I can't even get a piece of fabric cut let alone make a project from it.
I have been very blessed with more than enough fabric, battings, threads, sewing machines, rulers, cutters, cutting mats and the list goes on. Yet I can't seem to get one piece of material to a machine. I feel like I should have a huge yard sale and move on to another stage of life.
So if someone would please share with me how you get anything done or what you do to keep motivated please do tell me. I am at my wits end.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ramblings- not quilty

Geesh!! where does the time go? Seems I get behind so fast.

Charter finally got me back up with my email. Who knows what they had done.

Life is changing again it seems. Kids and grand kids, need I say more? Hopefully things will be evened out soon. We all do what is needed for family, if not we should.

My youngest Granddaughter, whom I will call Double Dan, called me last evening to share her joy and happiness with me. She won another BIKE at school. She was the top girl seller in the school in the fundraiser. This is the 2ND time she has been top seller. She is a go getter for sure.

My great grand son was with me for a few hours yesterday. He sure is growing fast. The picture is of him with his daddy and his aunt on trick or treat night. All he wanted was the candy from me and then he was ready to go out the door. Typical child to say the least.

Till next time